Plants Exporters , Importer, Traders / Herbal Foods Products / Bakery, Snaks, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Sweet Manufacturers / Chain Shop / Fast Food Chains / Food Processing and Packaging / Manufacturers and Distributors of Farm Machinery / Hospitality Services and Retails & Franchise / Organic Agricultural Products / Seafood: Fresh Seafood Products / Display, Retails Equipment / Individuals, Companies, Organizations associated with: Spices & Medicinal Plants / Animal Food & Health / Buffaloo Meat Products & Processing Technology / Government Departments / Inputs for Organic Agriculture / Equipments for Food and Agricultural Sectors / Institutional Catering Management etc. The nature of the Agriculture Marketing System in Bangladesh is rather complex which stems from the fact that there are innumerable small farmers spread all over the country , where marketable surplus or marketed quantity of the crops they grow is very small Collection of these widely dispensed and small-marketed quantities is bound to be costly and insufficient There are almost 13098 ( DAM study 2000 ) small , medium and big sized markets in the country In Bangladesh except the activities performed in connection with Public Food Distribution System ( PFDS ) and agriculture price and marketing policy decision of the government the trade in all agricultural products is largely handed by the private sector The general agricultural marketing policy of the government is to allow free play of the market forces in determining the price and encourage larger participation of the private section ( Md. Fazlur Rehman ) 4. 1.Agriculture is one of the drivers of growth of our economy FY 2011-12, the contribution of agriculture sector to GDP stood up to 19.29% FY 2011-12, we earned US$402.70 million by exporting agricultural products, which was 1.46% of our total export earning(US$ 24301.90 million) Current Market Situation