As the Bangladeshi journalist Zafar Sobhan wrote after an earlier catastrophe, a fire at the Tazreen Fashions garment factory outside Dhaka that killed 112 workers in 2012, it is this dehumanizing, soul-destroying, exploitative trade that has provided employment to over 3 million impoverished Bangladeshis, the vast majority of them women, and utterly transformed the economic and social landscape of the country.
Dhaka was an appropriate place for a business-backed NGO, because many BSR members source products from Bangladesh's 5,000 garment factories.
You may recall that on the heels of the Rana Plaza building collapse, which occurred in 2013, killing more than 1,100 garment workers, H&M was one of more than 200 brands that signed an accord to improve safety conditions in factories in Bangladesh.
Exploited at work, and living in wretched poverty, many women workers have succumbed to prostitution to make some extra money, another survey on sexual behaviour of women and men in garment factories has revealed.
A great majority of the estimated 1.5 million, mainly female, workers in some 3,000 garment factories across the country are at risk, according to several studies.
But the Bangladesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation put the number of sacked workers at 3,500 and said dozens of protest organisers have been forced into hiding.
The Multifabs site hurt by the blast made 100,000 garments a day, generated around $6 million of revenue a month and employed about 6,000 workers, said Mesba Faruqui, factory and operations director in the family-run business.
KONABARI, Bangladesh (Reuters) - A boiler explosion at a Bangladeshi garment plant near the city of Dhaka killed 10 people and injured dozens, emergency workers said on Tuesday, the latest industrial tragedy to hit one of the world's biggest garment producers.
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