Has taken massive dredging projects in Possur river with China-based company in order to operate Rampal coal-power plant smoothly along with Mongla port development initiatives. From there, the oils are shipped to Dhaka plant by 1000 to 1200 MT capacity coastal-vessels, requiring >4.5m draft, with a voyage time of 18 to 24 hrs depending on river/sea conditions. Chittagong Port in the south-eastern part of the country is the gateway port in Bangladesh handling more than 80% all seaborne cargo to Bangladesh.

Government of Bangladesh data notes that the Chittagong Port has general and container berths and other jetties for oil, grain, urea, ammonia, fertilizer, and dry cargo. Our LPG offloading terminal is a kind of system with 2.2 kilometer pipeline connected with underwater Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) and our Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) jetty is designed to berth 5,000 GRT Pressurized LPG ships. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) recently placed a new pontoon at the terminal but they did not set up a new jetty to replace the badly damaged old one.
Till now Avant has delivered over 20,000 FRT of cargoes from Chittagong port, Mongla port and Dhaka Airport. Customs clearance and Transportation of 1st Consignment Comprising of 424 pages/1,289.293 MT/3,083.45 CBM cargoes by barge from Chittagong port to Payra Power Plant jetty. Customs clearance and transportation of 30,000 FRT of project cargoes from Mongla/Chittagong port to Sherpur, Bibiyana.

The High Court yesterday issued a rule asking why not handing over the jetties of Cox's Bazar's Kasturaghat, Moheshkhali and Adinath Mandir to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority should not be declared illegal. The Japanese prime minister has offered US$4.8 billion in loans for the project, which would include the 1200 MW Matarbari power station JICA imagines the port to be part of a broader project to turn the area into an industrial corridor, and an important trade gateway to the rest of Asia and beyond.” 3 The coal terminal may be a joint venture between Coal Power Generation Company of Bangladesh Limited (CPGCBL) and Shumitomo Corporation of Japan.