Forty-three years later, the Belle River is still plying the Great Lakes for the American Steamship Company (although since 1990 it has sailed as the Walter J. McCarthy Jr., after the then-newly retired chair of the board of Detroit Edison; its cargo is mostly coal carried from Superior, Wisconsin, to Detroit Edison plants in Michigan); and Dave Dart is still a proud part of the Bay Shipbuilding family. Wilfred Sykes, a rare visitor to Lake Superior, is expected early Sunday morning to load at BN. At anchor off the Twin Ports on Saturday were Edgar B. Speer, Roger Blough, CSL Tadoussac, and Great Lakes Trader, all waiting to load in either Two Harbors or Silver Bay. Also in port was Narew, loading grain at Riverland Ag. Burns Harbor spent Saturday loading iron ore pellets at BN in Superior, and currently has no departure time listed. Ocean vessels typically load grain in Thunder Bay after bringing steel into lower lakes ports via the St. Lawrence Seaway
Sunday December 9th: 5:45 Algoma Equinox arrived at Richardson Current River Terminal to load grain. On 11 December 2002, after last minute dredging operations were completed, Nadro Marine's tugs SEAHOUND and VAC took the World War II Canadian Naval Tribal-class destroyer H.M.C.S. HAIDA from her mooring place at Toronto's Ontario Place to Port Weller Dry Docks where a $3.5M refit was started in preparation for the vessel to start her new career as a museum ship in Hamilton, Ontario. On the south side of the harbor, Burns Harbor finally departed at 03:30 Thursday morning after experiencing delays loading at BN, and Thunder Bay arrived from anchor shortly thereafter and began loading ore.

Around the same time, the tug Barbara Andrie departed and spent the day escorting the tank barge Great Lakes/tug Michigan to Green Bay. Description: Original description reads: "Cleveland Cliff Iron Co. dock, Lake Erie, west of the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, near Edgewater Park." The ship in the photograph is the "Fred G. Hartwell", an ore carrier built in 1922, being unloaded by a Hulett, a specialized unloading machine. Also during the evening, BBC Kansas departed at 18:26 with a load of wheat from Riverland Ag, and Narew arrived from anchor at 19:05 to load grain at Riverland.