Marine Structures



  • Increased durability
    • Protect against water ingress and salt water corrosion
    • Ultimate corrosion protection in the splash zone
  • Reduced life cycle costs
    • Protects against corrosion; increased durability means a longer structural life
    • Stays inside the concrete, no need to reapply
  • Green construction
    • Longer-lasting structures are more sustainable – reduce the environmental cost of repairs and replacement
    • Concrete with Hycrete admixtures can easily be recycled – Hycrete admixtures are Cradle-to-Cradle™ Certified

Marine structures such as sea walls, piers, and waterside buildings are under extreme pressure from the environment. In the splash zone, they are subject to thousands of waves per day, and related wetting and drying cycles with salt water. The corrosive salts are absorbed into the concrete and corrode the reinforcing steel, causing rusting and spalling, and shortening the life of the structure. There are a number of traditional protection systems. Coated reinforcing steel, including epoxy-coated rebar and galvanized reinforcing steel, protects the reinforcing steel but may be vulnerable where there are scratches and other damage from transportation and installation. Integral corrosion inhibitors such as calcium nitrite (Grace DCI®, BASF Rheocrete®, etc) directly protect against rusting. Permeability reducers such as high-performance concrete and crystalline waterproofing admixtures reduce the amount of water and corrosive salts that can enter the concrete but do not protect the steel itself. Each of these solutions either reduces water and salt penetration or directly protects rebar against corrosion. Hycrete solutions do both.