Water Treatment Plant

As a leading ETP plant supplier in Bangladesh, We offer excellent services that are executed by a team of experts that uses the advance technology for the fabrication of these products.

There has been an increasing regulatory pressure to treat and disintegrate waste from industries which contain dirt particles such as chemicals, metals, organics and oil. As a well known effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh, we make sure that our plant can provide the best treatment for the effluents from Pulp and Paper manufacturing, Sugar and distilleries, chemical processing, Slaughter house and Meat processing, Food & Beverage industries, Cement industries, Pharmaceuticals and Bulk drugs industries, etc.

ETP Plant Uses/Applications:

1. Electroplating industries

2. Textile Industries

3. Distilleries

4. Pharmacy Industries

5. Chemical Industries

6. Paper Industries

7. Tannery Industries

8. Dye & Dye Intermediaries

9. Edible Oil Refineries

10. Electroplating Industries