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REED A Series “Rockmaster” Pumps Feature…

Best Value on the Market! REED’s Economical A Series Concrete Pumps (A30, A30HP, A40HP) offer the best horsepower, output volume, and concrete pressure combination for the price.

“True Reverse”. If your line plugs, the pump’s S-Valve can reverse the flow of concrete in the line to relieve the pressure. This can dislodge rock jams quickly and safely. (Ball valve pumps cannot do this!)

82hp (61kW) Perkins Diesel Engine. This best-in-class horsepower gives A Series Pumps the ability to handle a wide variety of pumping applications: commercial slabs and decks, shotcrete, concrete flatwork (slabs), big rock concrete civil projects, even vertical concrete pumping for multiple story buildings). The Rockmaster is capable of doing the same job as pumps that cost almost twice as much!

Heavy Duty S-Valve. This valve gives the Rockmaster the ability to pump the harshest pea gravel mixes all the way up to 1″ (25mm) hard rock concrete (even larger 1.5″ aggretate (38mm) with the new A40HP Model!) (Ball valve pumps are restricted to pea gravel mixes.)

7-Function Remote. The A30′s optional radio remote delivers outstanding range and functionality (output control).

REED’s Exclusive Can-Bus Solid State Electric System. The Rockmaster’s robust electric system delivers trouble-free long term results.

Chromed concrete cylinders. Chromed cylinders deliver longer service life than standard steel cylinders.

&l;p style="margin-bottom: 20px; color: #535353; font-faily: "Open Sans"; background-color: #f5f5f5;">29 Gallon (110 Liter) Fuel Tank. The Rockmaster’s large fuel tank means more pumping without refueling.

User friendliness. In addition to being extremely simple to operate, the pump features only 4hydraulic hose groups (8 hoses total), so a few spares will back up the whole pmp.

Cost Effectiveness. The Rockmaster requires less maintenance and fewer wear parts than a ball valve pump. Its low cost of ownership makes it an excellent investment option if you’re considering purchasing your first pump.

No other concrete pump has the power, versatility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness that REED’s Rockmaster A Series Pumps deliver.