Factory Shed

A manufacturing facility built from traditional building materials is likely going to require a fair amount of expense and even further maintenance upkeep once constructed. A Renegade Steel Manufacturing building offers low overhead costs and upkeep, an ample workspace and the prefabricated ability to expand your facility right along with your expanding business.Pre-engineered steel manufacturing buildings are designed and built with the most cutting edge technology and high quality steel available on the market. Our buildings are predetermined by seasoned steel building designers to achieve maximum functionality and minimal waste before the construction process even beings, paving the way for a much faster and uncomplicated assembly.

For a recap on why steel buildings should be your #1 choice when purchasing your next steel manufacturing facility, here’s the breakdown:
  • Steel Buildings are long-lasting
  • They can be used for virtually any facility
  • They’re Low-Maintenance
  • Fire and Termite Resistant
  • Fast construction and assembly
  • Cheaper and more reliable than other traditional buildings
  • They’re built with future expansion in mind
  • They are stronger and more durable than wood-framed buildings