Auto Rice Mill

Captains Group is a professional Rice Mill Plant Implementation company in Bangladesh. We works as Rice processing equipment manufacturing Company & also have our own Rice Processing Mill. We provide Complete Solution for a rice mill or rice mill plant implementation. For Rice Mil Plant Implementation Services we offer: 

Initial visit to the implementation site and on the spot study if there have any existing system
Complete layout drawing with load & cross sectional details

We work through the following process for rice mill plant implementation:

Design and prepare the flow diagram.
Complete machinery specifications and details.
Electrical details like list of electrical motors, list of geared motors/gear boxes, electrical key chart, transformer & generator details.
Design of exhaust system with minimum power & its detail.
Specifications & sizes of belt conveyors, elevators, fans, cyclones, compressor, hoppers, etc.

In a word we provide complete solution for a rice mill plant. Captains Group can offer complete set of parboiled rice mill equipment series 30T/D to 500T/Day, with high white rice yield including excellent polished rice quality. In addition, we can supply reasonable design as per our customer specific requirement. 

In our own rice mill, during the processing stage the rice moves through a multifaceted procedure. At the point when rice lands at the plant, it is guided through a progression of arranging machines, isolating the parts, encased in an unappetizing frame or husk, from any flotsam and jetsam. The rough rice goes through "sheller" machines that expel the frame. What remains is dark colored rice, with the wheat layers as yet encompassing the bit. The grains of darker rice are processed by machines that rub the grains together under strain. This scraped spot expels the wheat layer, uncovering white or "cleaned" rice.