Salt Refinery

CAPTAINS GROUP was founded in 2007 as an engineering, and supplying company with the goal to supply multiple local Salt producers.From its beginning CAPTAINS GROUP has been involved in the industry with the best salt machines. First, in Bangladesh supplying the main Salt producers with crushing and drying processes. From then on, CAPTAINS GROUP  has  worked with a majority of Salt Producers in Bangladesh, from salt works design to equipment design, manufacturing and supply. The company’s know-how and experience, along with working in a wide variety of engineering projects has enabled the company to be a leader in the Salt machines Industry, being able to provide integral solutions for the Salt Industry. From Salt Works Design to engineering and manufacturing of equipment, plants and processes for Salt treatment. Including packaging for both industrial and consumer use.Given the technical aspects, nature and details of the raw material, SERRA (principle company) designs processes plants that are simple to operate, energy efficient and with a low maintenance requirements while at the same time meeting the highest standards of quality and environment.