Spices were among the most demanded and expensive products available in Europe in the Middle Ages , 5 the most common being black pepper , cinnamon (and the cheaper alternative cassia ), cumin , nutmeg , ginger and cloves Given medieval medicine 's main theory of humorism , spices and herbs were indispensable to balance "humors" in food, 6 a daily basis for good health at a time of recurrent pandemics In addition to being desired by those using medieval medicine , the European elite also craved spices in the Middle Ages An example of the European aristocracy's demand for spice comes from the King of Aragon , who invested substantial resources into bringing back spices to Spain in the 12th century. Used in everything from seafood to soup, our freshly ground baharat brings together coriander, cumin and black peppercorn with warm spices like cinnamon, allspice and cloves- rounded out by sweet- not hot- paprika. With a sophisticated take on things like taco spice blends, we allow you to transcend the ordinary approach to seasoning by offering fresh spices and dried herbs packaged carefully to maintain flavor. This one, made from black peppercorns, mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, allspice, dill seed, bay leaves, cloves, and sometimes cinnamon and ginger, is the go-to blend (when added to a vinegar base) for pickling veggies and eggs. The five spices — star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seeds — are often used in Asian pork and duck dishes, as well as a seasoning for the breading on fried foods. Pumpkin Pie Spice - Crafted with naturally organic, freshly ground whole cinnamon, allspice, black peppercorns and star anise, this pumpkin pie spice blend is unlike all those other traditional blends- with freshly Sprinkle this pumpkin spice over squash and roast, stir into yogurt or ice cream or brew into your morning coffee or add to cookies, breads, cakes, pies or other baked goods. Tandoori Masala - The core flavor base of Northern India's most popular tandoori-style dishes, this freshly ground tandoori spice masala consists of over a dozen spices adds rich, complex character.