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Fork/boom lift attachments turn an ordinary forklift into a mobile crane. But within the forklift arm category, there are actually a number of different types, each with its own specialized use and application.

CAPTAINS GROUP is one of the best forklift/boom lift suppliers in Bangladesh. In terms of quality in service, we supply the best forklift/boom lift machines. We offer a full nationwide service involving hiring and supplying special equipment through our extensive network.

In Bangladesh, we provide forklift/boom lifts that are constructed with quality components and parts for ensuring the highest performance. On top of that, our engineers design forklift/boom lifts in a simplistic manner to make them easy to operate by people from all experience levels.

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Taking Forklift/Boom Lift Service to the Next Level

Traditionally, CAPTAINS GROUP stands for the brand quality in delivering fork/boom lift throughout Bangladesh. We have expert personnel with years of experience in the forklift/boom lift sector. As a result, we are confident enough to provide the right solution for moving bulky materials, no matter how easy or hard it is. 

CAPTAINS GROUP can arrange custom-made machines and components that are perfect for every unique and die-cut project. Along with quick facilities, CAPTAINS GROUP offers forklift/boom lift solutions that are just mind-blowing. 

In Bangladesh, we supply forklift/boom lifts for lifting heavy loads by attaching them to the boom via a swivel hook or other device. Another term of forklift boom is “forklift jib”, which is rated for maximum load capacity. 

We provide the following types of forklift/boom lifts in many areas of Bangladesh – 

Telescoping Forklift Boom
Low Profile Telescoping Forklift Boom
Telescoping Pivoting Forklift Boom
Sound dampeners and insulators
Reach Over Forklift Boom

01Safe and Sound

Sustainable solutions for forklift/boom lifts in Bangladesh for lifting heavy loads in a convenient way.

02Instant Installation

Get reliable forklift/boom lifts for your business with hassle-free and instant installation services.


We are committed to the integrity of our services, products, and the bond with our customers in Bangladesh.


We do our best to maintain a tradition of being a leader in providing forklift/boom lifts in Bangladesh.

What To Expect From Our Service

We have been successfully satisfying our clients in Bangladesh with our services. Ensuring client satisfaction is our highest priority. Our valuable clients can expect the following benefits and qualities -

Test the whole infrastructure of the fork/boom lifts for reliability.
Every reliable solution for lifting or moving heavy loads.
Ensure satisfying after-sale services to customers.
Producing unique designs for fork/boom lifts as requested.