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CAPTAINS GROUP is a one-stop solution for installing and supplying any type of machine for auto brick plants. We bring clay brick machines from countries like India, China, and Italy to ensure the best quality of service in this industry.

In Bangladesh, a standard auto brick-making plant has the capacity to manufacture 50000 bricks, 100000 bricks, 150000 bricks, or 200000 bricks per day. CAPTAINS GROUP is the turn-key solution to help your brick plant achieve such capacities.

The auto bricks-making plant is a popular industry not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world. The Bangladesh government will not provide any support to the traditional Fixed Chimney Kilns (FCKs) or zigzag brickfields. That is why industrialists of Bangladesh are moving towards auto brick plants.

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Our service is precise and result-oriented. We follow a customer-centric approach meeting all the requirements for successful projects.

Pollution Free

Due to restrictions from the government, the demand for a pollution-free or less polluted brick-producing mill is rising.


Our plan for building your auto brick-making plant is programmable. We will design after carefully analyzing your requirements.
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Outstanding Machinery for Auto Bricks Plant

Since 2010, CAPTAINS GROUP has expanded its business by engaging in dynamic businesses. And it doesn’t lack the quality one bit when it comes to providing the best services for auto brick plants in Bangladesh. Also, we handle consultancy services for designing the plant, selecting the machines, preparing a project profile, and supplying the complete machinery of an auto-bricks plant. 

CAPTAINS GROUP has experts having vast experience in Bangladesh who will manage and configure everything needed for your auto bricks plant. And everything will be done with proper care obeying the safety regulations so that your plant and employees remain safe. For special cases where there are custom configurations, CAPTAINS GROUP can hire experts from CHINA and other countries. And all these services come at the lowest price rate. 

CAPTAINS GROUP can be your number-one solution for building advanced and pollution-free brick kilns like Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns (VSBKs) and Hybrid Hoffman Kilns (HHKs), which are more socially profitable.

Gasketing and sealing
EMI and RFI shielding
Spacers and washers
Sound dampeners and insulators
Electrically conductive adhesives


Despite the type of work and environment, the safety of your organization and employees is our number one priority. We obey the international safety standards.

02Environmental Friendly

We provide quality auto bricks plant machinery services while keeping the vision of a pollution-free environment. Doing something against the law is not a part of our activity.


We are committed to our services and confident in the integrity of our services and products. This enhances our relationship with the brick plant industrialists.


CAPTAINS GROUP has a tradition of being a leading supplier, installer, and trader of various auto bricks plant machinery in Bangladesh. This tradition is our pride.
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What To Expect From Our Service

CAPTAINS GROUP guarantees the lowest cost for auto bricks plants in Bangladesh. Therefore, our customers remain happy for getting quality services at reasonable prices. Also, you can expect the following qualities for being our customers -
Designing, building, and supplying complete machinery of an auto-bricks plant.
Supplying any bespoke machines or tools on customer’s demand.
Generating profitable solutions for the highest ROI of your business.
Offering knowledge bases to our clients to make them technically advanced.
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The best part about Captain’s Group is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

Mia McBride