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A Group of Company

We take this opportunity to introduce CAPTAINS GROUP as dealers,

distributors, and consultants of a number of world-class manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. In 2000, CAPTAINS GROUP was established as a private limited company. Over these years, CAPTAINS GROUP has built effective business relationship with various government and semi-government organizations as well as private companies.

Proud of it's Heritage

Everything began in 1999 as a small, family-run business selling equipment and supplies for agro farming, as well as batteries for TVs, IPS, automotive, and other devices. It has since dramatically grown to rank among the leading multi-faceted business enterprises in Bangladesh.

Agro-processing technology (EPC), food, bioplastic, power & energy, pre-engineered steel structures, heavy industrial equipment, and many other industries helped the company formally become known as the “CAPTAINS GROUP” in 2009.

The “CAPTAINS GROUP” was founded by Mr. Bidhan Ch Biswas. This group’s original company, CAPTAINS Trading, specialized in the sale of batteries and agro-related machinery and replacement parts. Mr. M K Biswas Swapnil, the son of Mr. Biswas, currently serves as the managing director and CEO of CAPTAINS GROUP.

Mr. M K Biswas Swapnil initially attended school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and then earned his undergraduate degree in textile engineering and his master’s degree in production engineering and material technology, both from the Czestochowa University of Science & Technology in Poland. In addition, he enrolled at Liberty University in the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in project management.

Industrial Machinery
From Turkey, China, Italy and India
We work with Genc Degirmen, Mulino, SILOMASTERS, LIEBHERR
We complete our project on deadline


March 1999

Founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

January 2000

Private limited Company

August 2007

Dealers, Distributors of Multi Type Turnkey-Solution

December 2007

Begain Consultancy of World Class Manufacturers


January 2008

Distribution Machinary to Bangladesh Market


September 2020

Award Winning Support for Logistic, Administrative, and Local Support


September 2020

Extend Business USA and Europe


September 2020

Service Integrity, Reliability, and Resourcefulness

September 2020

We achive our goal in manufacturing

Principals of CAPTAINS GROUP journeyJourney

CAPTAINS GROUP recently has established a relationship with Bailey Trading LLC in USA to represent CAPTAINS GROUP in North America with a view to sourcing principals and projecting the company in Americas and Europe.
Solutions for your manufacturing business
Production of multi type tools and machines
Designing, building and testing with highest quality
Delivering the best solution for reasonable cost