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Your Best Companion for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration SystemsCNC

CAPTAINS GROUP has been competing hand-to-hand with other leading commercial and industrial refrigeration system providers in Bangladesh. Since the early stage of the company, CAPTAINS GROUP has concentrated on providing various cold storage solutions from small restaurants to large warehouses.

The goal of CAPTAINS GROUP is to offer the ultimate commercial and industrial refrigeration systems in not only Bangladesh but also worldwide. Therefore, we have been working with our hearts and soul to provide cold storage solutions of the highest quality.

Unlike other refrigeration system providers, we just don’t give our customers CO2 industrial refrigerators. We make sure they are happy with our state-of-the-art service and are not unhappy with the technical support.

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Your Best Companion for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Years of experience in the field of manufacturing, installing, customizing, and supplying commercial and industrial refrigeration systems has made CAPTAINS GROUP one of the trusted cold storage solution providers in Bangladesh.

Our quality in services made our customers entrusted. Thereafter, we have always maintained a mutual bond and understanding with our customers. According to their business criteria, we build solutions that exceed their expectations. 

Any kind of cold storage solutions like cold stores, refrigerated warehouse, cold room, process cooling, indoor snow, water chillers, clean rooms, etc to the following sectors – 

Dry and cold rooms in restaurants
Food processing companies
Food production companies
Pharmaceutical industries
Food distribution centers for retailing


We work with skilled and certified personnel to ensure the utmost safety for your company. Whether there is a refrigerant leak or other types of dangers, we will take responsibility for your safety.


There are automated refrigerant systems with better chillers, condensers, monitoring options. On top of that, there is the new GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant system in the market. We can arrange these types of solutions.


We are engaged in not only providing the best cold storage solutions but also dynamic businesses. We are committed to taking on any kind of challenge or responsibility during the service period.


CAPTAINS GROUP has been doing business with loyalty and we have a very good relationship with our customers. We leave no stone unturned to maintain a prestigious image for ourselves.
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What To Expect From Our Service

If you are one of the loyal customers of CAPTAINS GROUP, you will be pleased with the promising work ethic along with the exclusive services. On top of that, our customers will never experience poor quality services. Our valuable customers can expect -
Efficiently operated mechanical systems, providing peace of mind and time to stay focused on other factors.
Quality services from highly trained experts in specific areas.
Up-to-date services with advanced technology for daily operations.
Stay financially strong by embracing innovation and delivering commitments to the community.