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CAPTAINS GROUP is one of the leaders in providing grain handling facilities in Bangladesh. We follow a customer-centric approach and innovative teamwork in terms of providing the best service for auto grain handling facilities.  

Aside from working as an auto grain mill machinery supplier in Bangladesh, CAPTAINS GROUP has its rice processing mill. The establishment of grain mills and rice processing mills is kind of similar. Unlike other companies, we just don’t leave after providing so-called grain handling facilities, we take care of the insides and outs.

We initiate the implementation of grain handling facilities by visiting the site in real-time and studying if there is an existing system on the spot. Once we have visited the site and completed our analysis, we start drawing the layout with load & cross-sectional details. A huge part of Bangladesh’s grain is processed on our equipment.

Advance Grain Handling

Prolonged Expertise

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a supplier and installer of various kinds of equipment for the grain handling industry. We are successful in providing the best service.


To ensure the perfect program for your business. , we will visit the site and go through a calculative analysis before implementation.

Wide Customer Base

Direct sales from local warehouses to a large customer base not only in the domestic market but also encompassing the international market.
Modern Grain Handling
New Grain-Handling

With Our Service, Grain Handling Will be a Breeze

CAPTAINS GROUP is well equipped with custom-made machines and components that are perfect for every unique and die-cut project. Moreover, very few companies in Bangladesh can deliver advanced equipment for handling grain. And that is where we stand out. We just don’t provide grain handling facilities, we will make it work. We know how much you care for your business.  

CAPTAINS GROUP is well aware of the hazard industry of grain. Workers can easily be a victims of serious and life-threatening situations due to numerous hazards. Grain dust accumulation can be a reason for fire and explosion. That is why we supply grain mill machinery that follows international safety regulations like OSHA. 

Believe it or not, you will not find any auto grain mill machinery supplier better than CAPTAINS GROUP. Along with all these, nothing can beat our service for many years of industry-grade experience as a grain-handling service provider.

Reduced maintenance - efficient facilities to minimize maintenance.
Ease of installation - grain handling solutions that are easy to install and interchange.
Trends - demanding crops like rice, corn, and more.
Electrically conductive adhesives


Provide grain handling facilities by obeying the safety standards to reduce the hazards as much as possible.


Automation Create an automated system that can benefit both customers and dealers by reducing repetitive work.


We believe in the integrity of our products and grain handling machinery service. We can vow for this.


We are a reputed supplier of grain handling machinery in Bangladesh and we try to maintain this tradition.