Power Plant Project Management Company in Bangladesh

What Makes Us Better for Power Plant ProjectCNC

Among many services, CAPTAINS GROUP builds amazing power plant projects. Our implementation process is systematic following the governing principles. On top of that, we offer the best commercial power plant projects at affordable prices in Bangladesh. CAPTAINS GROUP remains focused on the generation of power for industries and communities.

CAPTAINS GROUP accepts different types of assignments to design, construct, and operate new power plants. When it comes to delivering skyscraping services for constructing power plants, we hold no barriers. We provide innovative machines and accessories that are hard to reach. Along with that, we always come up with excellent services that are the result of “outside the box” thinking.

Over the years, CAPTAINS GROUP has been maintaining an extraordinary culture of service, innovation, and teamwork. This has brought us what we are today, attaining a wide range of customers throughout the country and surpassing the global market.


Barrier-Free Service

By obeying the laws and standards of Bangladesh, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for power plant projects.


Automation in service improves the quality. Because one can get rid of the recursive works if proper automation is applied.


Planning and programming are crucial for the construction of an efficient power plant and to increase longevity.

Dominant in Designing Power Plant Project

CAPTAINS GROUP is well equipped with custom-made machines and components that are perfect for every unique and die-cut project. A few companies in Bangladesh are able to provide innovative power plant projects. And that is where CAPTAINS GROUP stands out. We will consult with the client and machinery distributor to build an absolute power plant project in Bangladesh. 

All of our machines and related accessories for the power plant project will be tailored to your specific business needs. We will strictly follow the rules and regulations stipulated by the government of Bangladesh for establishing private power plants.

CAPTAIN GROUP can organize the following types of power plant projects in Bangladesh

Hydroelectric power plants
Thermal power plants
Solar power plants
Wind power plants


Without guaranteeing 100% safety for both your environment and employee, we won’t lay a finger on the power plant project.


Struction of power plants should be automated, reducing the repetitive work so that employees can focus on other tasks with ease.


Struction of power plants should be automated, reducing the repetitive work so that employees can focus on other tasks with ease.


CAPTAINS GROUP always tries to maintain a tradition by offering world-class power station engineering solutions.

What To Expect From Our Service

Rest assured that you will be satisfied with the work ethic and services of CAPTAINS GROUP if you are one of our clients. We always try to offer something great at a reasonable price, which can sometimes exceed your expectations.
Constantly solving maintenance issues during the after-sale service.
Producing bespoke machines or tools at clients’ demands.
Build and test the whole infrastructure for power plant projects.
Every possible solution for dynamic types of businesses

“Honestly, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate like CAPTAINS GROUP in my entire professional career. I am glad to have a chance to work with them. Certainly, they are the best in Bangladesh. “

Mia McBride