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Dredging is the excavation of material from an aquatic environment. This is a large operation and sometimes requires government authorization. Although dredgers are hard to reach, CAPTAINS GROUP is here to ease the complicated task.

Possible reasons for dredging are to improve the existing water channels, reshaping the land, creating altered drainage systems, building dams, recovering valuable deposits of minerals, navigability, and other commercial uses.

CAPTAINS GROUP provides standard designs of various types of dredgers. Meanwhile, we are also engaged in customizing designs and configurations to meet the dynamic conditions of dredging fields. This way, we can individualize the requirements of our clients.

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Dominator of Ultimate Machinery for Dredging

CAPTAINS GROUP is dominating the market by providing quality dredger machines in Bangladesh. We are the trader and contractor of various types of dredgers like suction dredgers (cutter-suction, jet-lift, air-lift, etc), bucket dredgers, grab dredgers, snag boat, pneumatic, and many more.   

With extraordinary dredger machinery services, CAPTAINS GROUP plays a major role in developing new berths, harbours, or waterways in Bangladesh.  Aside from delivering various types of dredgers, we collaborate with our clients for maintaining them after a long period of time.

Dredging has negative impacts on the rivers of Bangladesh. The process is related to water pollution. Therefore, the government of Bangladesh has applied some regulations that need to be followed strictly. 

CAPTAINS GROUP has experts with extensive experience in Bangladesh who will manage and configure everything needed for proper dredging. And everything will be done with the greatest care, respecting the safety rules so that there is no damage to aquatic ecosystems and aquatic organisms

Gasketing and sealing
EMI and RFI shielding
Spacers and washers
Sound dampeners and insulators
Electrically conductive adhesives


Without guaranteeing 100% safety for both your environment and employee, we won’t lay a finger on supplying and configuring dredgers on your system.

02Environmental Friendly

We provide quality dredging services while maintaining the vision of a pollution-free environment. We don’t intend to do something against the law.


CAPTAINS GROUP believes a win-win situation is good for itself and its customers. As a matter of fact, we assure full integrity of our products and the relationship of our clients.


CAPTAINS GROUP always tries to maintain a reputed image by offering valuable products to the customers at affordable prices. Keeping a respective image is good for business.

What To Expect From Our Service

CAPTAINS GROUP guarantees the lowest cost for dredging machinery supplements in Bangladesh. We always try to make our consumers happy with quality services at affordable prices. In addition, our customers can expect the following benefits -
Construction and design of total infrastructure for dredging.
Supply of any dredger or custom tools at the customer's request.
Provide knowledge bases to our customers to make them technically advanced.
Assist customers with technical difficulties during the post-implementation period.