Steel Canopy Provider In Bangladesh

What Deliver Canopies that are Super in Quality

CAPTAINS GROUP is in charge of providing high-quality canopies. Those who have empty yard space and like to host guests in Bangladesh feel the necessity for a structurally sound, safe, cheap canopy facility. We have pre-engineered canopies ensuring a streamlined construction, with lower labor costs.

When it comes to delivering skyscraping services, punctuality is a virtue. We provide innovative, hard, and strong warehouses that will last for a long time. Along with that, we always come up with result-oriented services that are generated by “outside the box” thinking. Our canopy facilities will bring a long list of advantages that will benefit our clients.

Over the years, CAPTAINS GROUP has been maintaining an extraordinary culture of service, innovation, and teamwork. This has brought us what we are today, attaining a wide range of customers throughout the country and surpassing the global market.



We go through a customer-centric approach by matching their requirements to achieve the maximum ROI.


We believe in providing punctual construction of canopies for the customers of Bangladesh at the lowest cost.


Along with an intelligent architectural design, the implementation of canopies is planned and programmed.

We Are the Base of Affordable and Reliable Canopies

A few companies in Bangladesh can offer reliable solutions for canopies at affordable price ranges. CAPTAINS GROUP can arrange custom-made machines and components that are perfect for every unique and die-cut project. In Bangladesh, we offer canopies that are perfectly suited for arranging guests or other activities in outdoor spaces

CAPTAINS GROUP doesn’t compromise anything for the best canopies service in Bangladesh. Along with quick facilities, CAPTAINS GROUP offers canopies solutions that are just mind-blowing. In Bangladesh, we supply canopies for parties, programs, celebrations, meetings, commercial, and recreational purposes. 

We provide the following types of canopy solutions in many areas of Bangladesh –

Drive Thru Canopies
Shade Canopies
Solar Canopies

01Safe and Sound

Sustainable canopy solutions in Bangladesh for keeping a decent amount of people in a suitable way.

02Instant Installation

Get reliable canopies for your business with instant installation without any trouble. Our services are hassle-free.


We are confident in the integrity of our products and the bond with our customers. We are committed to our services.


We are a leading corporation providing canopies in many areas of Bangladesh. We try our level best to maintain this tradition.

What To Expect From Our Service

We have been successfully satisfying our clients in Bangladesh with our services. Ensuring client satisfaction is our highest priority. Our valuable clients can expect the following benefits and qualities -
Test the whole infrastructure of the canopy for safety issues.
Every reliable solution for arranging outdoor programs.
Ensure satisfying after-sale services to customers.
Producing unique designs for canopies as requested.

“Honestly, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate like CAPTAINS GROUP in my entire professional career. I am glad to have a chance to work with them. Certainly, they are the best in Bangladesh. “

Mia McBride