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Oil or petroleum refinery is a large industrial process of transforming crude oil into useful fuels like petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, and etc. Such big and powerful refinery work needs reliable machines that are absolute for the growth of the oil industry.

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a supplier of oil refinery machines for the Oil and Fat industry in Bangladesh. As a supplier, installing and customizing machines and plans have also become a part of our work. We are committed to providing the best oil refinery machines to our clients.

While manufacturing and supplying products for oil plants, we obey the rules and regulations of international standards like ASME & CE. On top of that, our 10 years of industry-grade experience has made us capable of manufacturing projects that are specific to not only Bangladesh but also any country.

Service of Customized Oil Refining Machinery and Plants

Plastic pyrolysis oil, tyre pyrolysis oil, heavy oil, waste oil, fuel oil, or crude oil contains various chemical and physical impurities. The oil resources are decreasing yet the price is increasing tremendously. 

An oil plant is engaged in various types of oil refining operations that are connected to market improvement and relieve energy crises. Generating handsome profits won’t be possible without the proper management of these operations. That is why it is important to maintain good production from oil plants. That is why you need a one-stop solution that can manage everything for an oil plant including supplying, installing, and customizing top-notch machinery. 

CAPTAINS GROUP has been arranging solvent extraction plants, bio diesel & filters, edible oil refinery, and other turnkey projects that are related to oil & fats industries. To deliver quality services, a team of skilled and experienced workers has been working hard to ensure a professional workforce. 



No matter how dangerous the implementation is, we will ensure the utmost safety for both your organization and employees. When it comes to oil refineries, we follow international standards.


With the advancement of technology, oil refinery machines are becoming more advanced. Now, they require less recurring work for maintenance and operations. And we will automate them for an optimized workflow.


Integrity has always been a core part of our business. It helps to maintain a standard service and a respectful relationship with the oil refining plants in Bangladesh.


To maintain a prestigious tradition, we have been continuously improving our service for supplying, installing, and customizing machines for oil refineries in Bangladesh.
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What To Expect From Our Service

Our customers in Bangladesh have always been satisfied with our services. Our top priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. You can expect the following from our service if you are one of our happy customers -
Design, build and test the entire infrastructure of the machinery of an oil plant.
Confirming all possible solutions for your manufacturing business.
Produce custom machines or tools if requested by customers in case of exceptions.
Provide technical expertise to resolve maintenance issues.

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