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The full form of LPG LP Gas is “Liquefied Petroleum Gas”, which is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases such as propane and butane. While CNG stands for “Compressed Natural Gas”. Both gases have a wide variety of uses, mainly as an efficient fuel container in the agricultural, recreation, hospitality, industrial, construction, sailing, and fishing sectors, after being contained in cylinders. 

CAPTAINS GROUP is a pioneer in installing LPG/CNG dispensers in various regions of Bangladesh. We follow a customer-centric approach and innovative teamwork in terms of providing the best service for installing LPG/CNG dispensers in Bangladesh. 

Over the years, CAPTAINS GROUP has been maintaining an extraordinary culture of service, innovation, and teamwork. This has brought us what we are today, attaining a wide range of customers throughout the country and surpassing the global market.



We go through a customer-centric approach by matching their requirements to achieve the maximum ROI.


All the machines and accessories for installing LPG/CNG dispensers are intellectually programmable.


Our automated machines will offer long-term service without human operation after being intellectually implemented.
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CAPTAINS GROUP covers numerous locations all over Bangladesh for installing LPG/CNG dispensers. Due to the growing demand for LPG and CNG, specifically in the automotive industry, we are reaching further and wider. Alongside these, are the rules and regulations of the government for delivering and installing various types of equipment.

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a collaboration with BLACK CAT Engineering Ltd, which is one of the best generator suppliers in Bangladesh. BLACK CAT Engineering Ltd started a generator business in 2007 and imports 100% European gas & diesel generators.

CAPTAINS GROUP aims to rank as one of the leading power generation companies not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. Our generators have created numerous individual solutions for the customers through close cooperation. Here are some unique sectors where LPG and CNG is used –

Motor Fuel
Rural Heating


We strive for integrity, maintaining a long-term ethical relationship with both our customers and manufacturers.


Provide automated solutions for implementing LPG/CNG dispensers all over Bangladesh.


We strive for integrity, maintaining a long-term ethical relationship with both our customers and manufacturers.


Over the years, we have had a tradition of supplying advanced and exceptional products to our clients.
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Rest assured that you will be satisfied with the work ethic and services of CAPTAINS GROUP if you are one of our clients. We always try to offer something great at a reasonable price, which can sometimes exceed your expectations.
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“Honestly, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate like CAPTAINS GROUP in my entire professional career. I am glad to have a chance to work with them. Certainly, they are the best in Bangladesh. “

Mia McBride