Grain Silo Supplier in Bangladesh

We Offer top quality silo's for your processing industry.CNC

Captains Group provides solutions with steel Silos for storing granular and powdered products such as flour, bran, semolina, animal feed, minerals, etc. It provides a smooth surface area and is convenient for vibratory drainage.

No products are made or pasted on the Silo wall. With the help of a PLC system, the dosing executes using carrier tools placed under the flour, which allows the mixture to form in the mixer.

Almost every feeding or trading sector may satisfy through our customer-centric strategy. Because, we give the Unanimous Storage Solutions for Feed Factories, Biomass, Agricultural, Cereal Trading, Brewers, and Milling sector. And for this reason, we are different from other Silo equipment distributors, dealers, or manufacturers. Because they may provide silo processing equipment, they have no idea how to make the best Silo for any specific need.

Captains Group has many businesses to fulfill as a pinpoint of a group of companies. Still, they never compromise to maintain outstanding cultural service, innovation, and teamwork in any business field. And impressively, they handle a vast range of clients throughout the nation and beat the international market. And by walking on that path, it brought us; we are here today.

Silo Supplier in Bangladesh


We go through a customer-centric approach by matching their requirements to achieve the maximum ROI.


Offers diameter-based roofing options that enable balance performance with cost and self-protecting roofs with suitable angles. It proposes an ability range of 25-20.000 tones.


It uses high-grade steel bolts and nuts, which are up to 10 times more corrosion resistant. And also, the unique insulation material is used for efficient sealing.
FLAT BOTTOM SILO Supplier in Bangladesh

Service of Tailored Machinery for our custom built Silo's.

Silo is built by majestic quality hot-dip galvanized steel. The feed is entirely emptied by a vertical 08 angled bottom grasshopper and narrow sections up to the first level.

The Silo is comfortable making or extending to the desired shape and form employing screws from a 93 cm or 42 cm height wall material. Ample material force 1.5 – 3 mm causes the Silo to be quite strong. The roof is permanent and concluded by steel.

The bottom hatch mounted with bearings is stable to open and close. The Silo can be a part of the automatic feeding when the output hopper of an auger clearly installed under the bottom hatch. A natively made quality silo.

  • Material:
    galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Other characteristics:
  • Capacity:
    Max.: 15 m³ (530 ft³)
    Min.: 2 m³ (71 ft³)


In order to maintain the safety of organizations, we follow the standards and regulations while installing machines for making tiles and ceramics.


To lessen the maintenance work, machines should be automated for operating. We set up tiles & ceramics machines that obey the rules of automation.


We are a leading supplier, installer, and trader of tiles & ceramics machinery in Bangladesh. We try our level best to maintain this tradition.


We are confident in the integrity of our machines and in the relationship with tiles & ceramics manufacturers. We can provide a commitment for our services.
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What To Expect From Our Service

CAPTAINS GROUP guarantees the lowest cost for auto bricks plants in Bangladesh. Therefore, our customers remain happy for getting quality services at reasonable prices. Also, you can expect the following qualities for being our customers -
Designing, building, and supplying complete machinery of an auto-bricks plant.
Supplying any bespoke machines or tools on customer’s demand.
Generating profitable solutions for the highest ROI of your business.
Offering knowledge bases to our clients to make them technically advanced.
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The best part about Captain’s Group is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

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