Lentil/Pulses Mills Plant in Bnagladesh

Why We are the Best in Terms of Lentil/Pulses Mills Machinery - CNC

Over the years, CAPTAINS GROUP has been maintaining an extraordinary culture of service, innovation, and teamwork. This has brought us what we are today, attaining a wide range of customers throughout Bangladesh and surpassing the global market.

Anyone with the intention of building a lentil/pulses mill will be satisfied with our result-oriented approach. Our implementation process is systematic and will be maintained with web-enabled technology if necessary. On top of that, you will be getting the best commercial lentil/pulses machinery prices in Bangladesh.

When it comes to delivering skyscraping services, we compromise nothing. We provide innovative machines and accessories that are hard to reach. Along with that, we always come up with result-oriented services, generated by thinking “outside the box”.


Prolonged Expertise

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a trader, supplier & installer of lentil/pulses mills/dal mill machinery for decades.

Maximum Efficiency

Our pulses processing machines are designed brilliantly to ensure maximum profit and efficiency of clients.


We try to offer the best machines for lentil processing plants for cleaning, sorting, peeling, and packaging lines.
Best pulses-Mills
Good pulses Mills

Fine Machinery for Better Lentil/Pulse Production

Lentil/pulses have always been a popular source of food and animal feed. For yielding the maximum amount of lentil or pulse, CAPTAINS GROUP offers a wide range of pulses processing machines that have cutting-edge designs and effective production capabilities.

The custom-made machines and components of CAPTAINS GROUP for lentil/pulse processing are becoming popular not only in Bangladesh but also encompassing the national border. Our machines are used for polishing, splitting, and husking various types of pulses and lentils seeds. 

And the machines and services are all available at competitive price ranges. 

In order to set up the entire infrastructure for a lentil/pulses mill, we follow the steps that are mostly followed by the reputed mills so that you have a structured and disciplined process. Here is the flow chart of lentil/pulse processing –

Pulse- Cleaning, chaffs, dirt, etc.
Pitting - Pretreatment with Linseed Oil
Spacers and washers
Conditioning - Dehusking and splitting mixture of husk, small broken and powder


We can vow to prove the integrity of our products and the effectiveness of the lentil/pulses mill machinery service.


Following the advanced lentil/pulses mills, we offer the same level of machinery that obeys the rule of automation.


Maintaining a reputed tradition as a trader and supplier of lentil/pulses mill machinery in Bangladesh is our goal.


Provide lentil/pulse processing machines by obeying the safety standards to reduce the hazards as much as possible.

What To Expect From Our Service

CAPTAINS GROUP always walks the extra mile in terms of quality services. We have been successfully satisfying our clients in Bangladesh with our services. Our dear customers can expect the following benefits -
Every possible solution to lentil/pulses/dal processing plants.
Produce unique lentil/pulses machinery on orders.
24/7 customer support for assistance.
Providing sufficient knowledge to customers.

“Honestly, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate like CAPTAINS GROUP in my entire professional career. I am glad to have a chance to work with them. Certainly, they are the best in Bangladesh. “

Mia McBride