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Year after year, CAPTAINS GROUP has contributed a lot to the economical growth of Bangladesh. We have built a successful reputation in the fields of business and development works. That is why business companies and communities always look forward to seeking our services from word-of-mouth referrals.
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CAPTAINS GROUP in detailsWhat do we do


CAPTAINS GROUP started as a machinery service provider in 2007 for fire safety & security. After that, it has expanded its service to other services as well. Since 2010, CAPTAINS GROUP has been a leading industrial machinery supplier in Bangladesh.

How do we assure the quality of our services?

The first and foremost step for assuring quality is to employ personnel with proven management skills. On top of that, CAPTAINS GROUP follows international standards to ensure the highest level of product quality and process control.

How do we manage and display certificates?

It is very important for us to have a long-lasting positive impact on our employees, clients, and communities. To create such an impact, it is important to gain consumers’ trust. And to gain trust, authorized certificates play a vital role.

What do we offer to the community?

You can’t expect help from others without giving back, it’s all about giving and take. CAPTAINS GROUP believes in this theory and always tries to give back by investing in the community. We care about people’s needs and provide support accordingly. 

Ready to talk?

With diverse capabilities and extensive manufacturing experience, you can rely on CAPTAINS GROUP for solving critical issues of your supply chain.


What products do we manufacture?

CAPTAINS GROUP is involved in a dynamic business. Aside from industrial machinery delivery, we also focus on manufacturing agro-food products, bio-plastics, heavy equipment, prefabricated steel structure, processing solutions, and power-related machines.

The quality of our products

We are committed to our services and products. As the machines go through rigorous testing after finally being delivered, they become quite reliable for service. Aside from that, we deal with the world’s top-class manufacturers to ensure the highest quality.

How fast can we deliver the products?

Depending on the emergency and the number of industrial equipment, it can take a few or more days to deliver products to our customers. It also depends on the availability and type of the product. Clients can get their products soon if they are easy to find.

Products that are absolute for an industry or supply chain

We stand tall with our prestigious reputation for providing quality services in industrial machinery supplements. Our clients have never been disappointed with our service and products. Our goal is to secure a vital position in the economical growth of Bangladesh.