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Get Biscuit/Cookie Producing Machines of International Standards -CNC

CAPTAINS GROUP is one of the leading machinery suppliers for biscuit/cookies factories in Bangladesh. We follow a customer-centric approach and innovative teamwork in terms of providing the best service for the biscuit/cookies factory implementation. 

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a supplier of cost-effective machines for the biscuits and cookie industry in Bangladesh. As a supplier, installing and customizing machines and equipment have also become a part of our work. We are committed to providing the best biscuit/cookie-producing machines to our clients. 

We initiate the implementation service of biscuit/cookie producing machines by visiting the site in real-time and study if there is an existing system on the spot. Once we have visited the site and completed our analysis, we start drawing the layout with load & cross-sectional details. CAPTAINS GROUP consists of a group of professionals to offer the best biscuit/cookies factory implementation service. 

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Detailed and Designed Machines

We are the manufacturer & supplier of fine machinery that is carefully built and tested for the biscuit/cookies factories of Bangladesh.


With the advancement of technology, the biscuit/cookie factories are leaning towards machinery that is programmable.


Our customer-centric convergence matches the requirements of customers to achieve the maximum ROI.
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Service of Tailored Biscuit/Cookies Factory Machinery and Components

CAPTAINS GROUP’s biscuit and cookie making machines are of excellent quality. These machines can be used for the complete manufacture of biscuits and cookies from start to finish. Believe it or not, you will not find other machinery suppliers better than CAPTAINS GROUP.

CAPTAINS GROUP focuses on producing, and selling completed biscuit production lines. That includes cookie production lines, soft & hard biscuit production lines, soda cracker production lines, food drying machines, etc.  We just don’t implement machines in your biscuit/cookies factory, we make it work. We know how much you care for your business and our service will reflect our care for you.

CAPTAINS GROUP provides customized solutions for all types of cookies and biscuits. We are a one-stop solution for establishing the entire cookie and biscuit production line, providing the following services –

Commercial and industrial biscuit machines
Cookie manufacturing machines & equipment
Commercial cracker & biscuit equipment
Biscuit production line
Electrically conductive adhesives

01Efficiency at Highest Capacity

A range of machines is available including automated cookie and biscuit systems capable of depositing single- or double-colored dough.


Our state-of-the-art tunnel ovens ensure perfectly shaped, colored, and textured cookies are produced every time for each recipe.


Our dedicated packaging systems have been developed to line up, stack and transport freshly baked and delicate cookies and biscuits.


We offer manufacturers the flexibility to produce the best cookies and biscuits recipes to meet the demands and expectations of consumers.
Solution for your business

What To Expect From Our Service

CAPTAINS GROUP guarantees the lowest cost for auto bricks plants in Bangladesh. Therefore, our customers remain happy for getting quality services at reasonable prices. Also, you can expect the following qualities for being our customers -
Designing, building, and supplying complete machinery of an auto-bricks plant.
Supplying any bespoke machines or tools on customer’s demand.
Generating profitable solutions for the highest ROI of your business.
Offering knowledge bases to our clients to make them technically advanced.
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The best part about Captain’s Group is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

Mia McBride