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CAPTAINS GROUP is glad that designing, installing, and supplying equipment and machinery for feed mills is a part of its many services. CAPTAINS GROUP is here to help valued customers in Bangladesh who want to plan, design, build and maintain all types of feed machinery systems.

Generally, there are three types of feed distribution required for building a complete feed plant. These are - Fish, Poultry, and Cattle feed. Again, there are individual feed plants like the Poultry Feed Processing Plant, Fish Feed Processing plant, and Cattle feed Processing plant. No matter which type of feed plant you want to build, we know the creek and corners for the right setup.

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a successful distributor of machinery for grain mills. We have prolonged experience in this sector, distributing equipment in 30 districts throughout the country. And we want to share the same expertise in providing all kinds of feed plant machinery. That’s not all, we take special orders on making and delivering specific machines as per customers requests.

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In order to establish the entire solution for your feed mill plant, we devote ourselves to provide the best quality services. This is what makes us one of the promising distributors of feed plant machinery in Bangladesh

Automated Feed Machines

CAPTAINS GROUP likes to take challenges in terms of dynamicity. Therefore, it is crucial to have the best products and manpower. Our team of engineers will automate as much as possible for the development of feed enterprises.


What is the use when a project isn’t pre-programmed? Plan first, then proceed - this is the ethic that we follow in our work culture. It is not enough to have a customer-centric approach. It has to be properly programmed and calculative to make it work.
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Our Excellency in Feed Plant Machinery Work

CAPTAINS GROUP offers ready-made machines and equipment for poultry, livestock, aquaculture such as chicken, cattle, fish, etc. We can arrange to set up various kinds of feed mill machines depending on the type of your feed mill. And you will get your desired feed plant machinery at reasonable prices.

Whether you want to initiate a poultry feed mill, fish feed mill, or cattle feed mill; CAPTAINS GROUP got you covered. And we are confident in our services regardless of the size of your plant. According to the size, there can be various types of feed plants like Mobile Pellet Plant, Mash Pellet Plant, and Mash Feed Plant. We can deal with delivering any type of machines for all of these plants.

CAPTAINS GROUP is the grocery of all kinds of feed mill equipment. We deliver, install, and configure the primary equipment like hammer mill, feed mixer, pellet cooler, ring die pellet mill, pellet packing machine, and so on. Aside from these, we can manage auxiliary equipment for a feed mill plant like feed extruder, pellet crumbler, grease adding machines, etc. We believe our feed mill plant machinery services are exclusive for –

Fish Feed Processing Plant
Poultry Feed Processing Plant
Cattle Feed Processing Plant
Mini Feed Processing Plant


We have declared thousands of times that we don’t start work without ensuring 100% safety for your work environment. That goes the same for manufacturing and installing any type of machine in your feed mill plant.


We will ensure your feed mill plant uses the latest and most advanced technology for producing quality feed for poultry, fish, and cattle. Also, the machines will be set up brilliantly to establish an automated process.


We always try to make a win-win situation for both ourselves and our clients. As a result, we remain committed to the quality of our service as well as the durability of our products.


CAPTAINS GROUP compromises nothing to make its customers happy. Creating something valuable at affordable prices is our mission. Satisfying client’s needs is the best way to maintain a reputed image.

What To Expect From Our Service

Rest assured, you will be satisfied with the work ethic and services of CAPTAINS GROUP if you are one of our customers. We always try to offer something exceptional for a reasonable price, which can exceed your expectations sometimes
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Production of bespoke tools and machines
Designing, building and testing with highest quality
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The best part about Captain’s Group is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

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