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Leading Distributor and Manufacturer of BioplasticCNC

When it comes to manufacturing the next-generation bioplastic products, CAPTAINS GROUP holds no barriers. We produce bioplastic in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We get involved in the total process from raw stock processing to mold making and finishing. 

CAPTAINS GROUP develops commercial biobased methods to make widely-used chemicals that enable better, more sustainable regular products. As a result, people from Bangladesh can enjoy better food packaging, auto parts, clothing, tires, carpets, and more.

Over the years, we have been maintaining an extraordinary culture of service, innovation, and teamwork. This has brought us what we are today, attaining a wide range of customers throughout the country and surpassing the global market.

Modern Bioplastic

Prolonged Expertise

CAPTAINS GROUP has been a leading manufacturer of bioplastic products in Bangladesh for many years.


We believe people should get better bioplastic products that are environmentally safe than traditional plastics.

Global Reach

Day by day, we are striving to exceed into the global market. Our bioplastic products are getting improved in terms of quality.
Good Bioplastic

We Produce Effective Bioplastic in an Ecological Way

CAPTAINS GROUP is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of quality bioplastic products in Bangladesh. We use renewable biomass sources from plant-based feedstocks like corn, palm fiber, rice, wood cellulose, potatoes, and more. 

Also, CAPTAINS GROUP is reputed for exporting the best quality bioplastic products to several countries. All the products manufactured and exported by us are passed through stringent quality tests to ensure the best products.

Unlike conventional plastic products, bioplastics don’t rely on the traditional manufacturing process, which consists of non-renewable resources like petroleum and natural gas. Our bioplastic manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and doesn’t gather much waste.

Here are some of the compostable products produced by bioplastic – 

Electrically conductive adhesives


CAPTAINS GROUP provides inexpensive, durable, attractive bioplastic products. More importantly, they are earth-friendly.

02Advanced Technology

We’re committed to developing advanced bioplastic technology and materials to help consumer companies to produce better plastic products.


The bond with our customers and agro raw material providers is special. We will do everything from our end to keep it tight.


As a bioplastic manufacturer, we have gained a reputation for ourselves. It is very important for us to maintain it.

What To Expect From Our Service

We have been successfully satisfying our clients in Bangladesh with our services. Not only service but we also make our client’s happy with extra benefits. As a customer, you can expect the following from our service -
Enrich customers with technical expertise.
Make products from the highest quality raw materials.
Every possible solution for your manufacturing business.
Produce unique bioplastic products on orders.

“Honestly, I have never met such a dedicated and passionate like CAPTAINS GROUP in my entire professional career. I am glad to have a chance to work with them. Certainly, they are the best in Bangladesh. “

Mia McBride