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A visionary business that leads with innovation, quality, and precision in a competitive industrial environment where technological prowess determines success is the Captains Group. We proudly lead the industry with our cutting-edge Dal mill machines, a line known for durability and top performance. We have built a solid reputation over years of relentlessly pursuing engineering excellence.

The Captains Group’s flagship product, Dal mill machinery, is a model of brilliance in the modern milling sector. Every unit we build is expertly engineered with attention to detail, embodying the ideal balance of innovation and dependability, guaranteeing that your organization runs to the fullest extent of its potential. Our equipment is made to breathe fresh life into milling processes while establishing a high and unsurpassed standard.

The vital function of air compressors, which are cherished for their versatile uses in several industrial applications, is essential to the operation of our venerable Dal mill machinery. Our equipment’s air compressors provide efficiency by managing a variety of tasks with unparalleled energy and precision. They provide a level of reliability that translates to ongoing operational excellence and, as a result, economic success. They are not just parts of the machinery; they are its beating heart.

When you contemplate traveling with the Captains Group, you join a group that is committed to changing the industry’s norms and providing more than simply equipment—a commitment to unrivaled quality and never-ending innovation. With the best air compressors available, the machinery at our Lentin mill promises a future in which downtime is a thing of the past and efficiency is not just a promise but a constant reality.

Automatic Dal Milling Plant and Accessories


Means, customer-centric convergence matching their requirements to achieve the maximum


Means long-term service without human operation after being intellectually implemented with resources.


Means, all the machines and accessories for a flour mill are designed with the latest technology and calculative programming.

Why You Should Choose Captains Group For Getting Your Lentil Mill Machineries In Bangladesh?

Dal mills, often referred to as pulse mills, are important in Bangladesh’s agricultural and food processing industries. For the population, pulses—which include lentils, chickpeas, beans, and peas—are crucial sources of protein and vital elements. In Bangladesh, pulse mills are specialized processing facilities created to remove the outer husk or coat of the pulses—a process known as dehusking—and further polish them to produce pulses that are clean and ready for the market.

These mills process enormous volumes of pulses effectively and profitably by utilizing cutting-edge equipment and technology. The packed and distributed processed pulses are subsequently used for both domestic and international trade, enhancing the nation’s economic development and ensuring. its food security.

The construction of pulse mills in Bangladesh has not only enhanced the agricultural products’ added value but also created job possibilities in rural regions, enhancing rural residents’ quality of life and promoting economic growth. Pulse mills also help decrease food waste and post-harvest losses by preserving and storing pulses for extended periods of time. Bangladesh can further solidify its position as a prominent participant in the pulse processing business while meeting the nutritional needs of its expanding population by investing in renovating pulse mills and promoting sustainable farming techniques.

CAPTAINS GROUP has always upheld a remarkable culture of teamwork, creativity, and service over the years. Due to this, we have become what we are now, conquering the global market and obtaining a wide variety of consumers throughout Bangladesh. Anyone planning to construct a lentil/pulses mill will be pleased with our solution-focused approach.

Our deployment strategy is methodical, and if needed, web-enabled technology will be used to sustain it. Additionally, you will receive the most affordable commercial lentil/pulses machinery pricing available in Bangladesh.


We care about the safety of your organization and employees. That is why we follow the standards and regulations while installing a machine in a flour mill.


To lessen the maintenance work, machines should be automated for operating. We try to set up flour mill machines that obey the rules of automation.


We are confident in the integrity of our machines and in the relationship with flour mill plant manufacturers. We can provide a commitment for our services.


We are a leading supplier, installer, and trader of wheat & flour mill machinery in Bangladesh. We try our level best to maintain this tradition.
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What To Expect From Our Service

Ensuring client satisfaction is our highest priority. We have been successfully satisfying our client’s in Bangladesh with our services. As a customer, you can expect the following from our service -
Designing, building, and testing the whole infrastructure of a flour mill.
Every possible solution for your manufacturing business.
Producing bespoke machines or tools if customers require.

The best part about CAPTAINS GROUP is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

H M Jihan Mahmud
Bengal Group