Things to Consider for Choosing a Auto Rice Mill Machinery Supplier

June 21, 2020by Captains0

Since Bangladesh is a rice-consuming country, the need for the auto rice milling industry is enormous. With that being said, the process of building an auto rice milling system in Bangladesh goes through several steps. Among these steps, choosing an auto rice mill machinery supplier is the challenging one.

Why? Because you will need to import some ultra-modern machines to build an auto rice mill in Bangladesh. Unlike traditional rice mills, you will need some advanced rice mill plant machinery to enable automation in producing rice.

In this article, we are going to talk about the considerations for choosing the right auto rice mill machinery supplier in Bangladesh to set up your desired auto rice mill plant.

Choose the Right Auto Rice Mill Machinery Supplier: 5 Important Things to Consider

In order to open an auto rice mill plant in Bangladesh, there are several things you must do. These are – getting a license for your mill, finding a suitable place, getting the raw materials, getting the essential machinery, and so on. A reliable auto rice mill machinery supplier can help you to get the most out of these things.

Import Capability

Choosing a reliable auto rice mill machinery supplier mostly depends on the import capability. The supplier must have the capability to supply machines that are hard to reach. Although there are plenty of online platforms to buy auto rice mill machinery, you may not find all the equipment. And that’s where a trusted rice mill machinery supplier comes to mind.

There are various types of rice mill machines like de-stoner, parboiled rice mill machines, rice color sorters, rice paddy separators, paddy huskers, mini grain milling machines, auto grinder machines, and so on. Working with a successful rice miller can lead you to a promising rice plant machinery supplier, which can get you any type of machine to your requirement.


After cleaning, milling, hulling, and finishing the paddy; fresh rice is produced. Rice is the most consumed food all over the world, especially in Africa and Asia. Rice is capable of filling 90% of the nutrients that are required for the human body.

As a result, the rice mill plant is always a profitable business in countries like Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, and more; where agriculture is a dominant profession.

With that being said, the auto rice mill machines would cost money to set up a rice plant. A good rice mill machinery supplier will ask for reasonable prices to set up the whole infrastructure for your auto rice mill.

To reduce the overall cost of setting up a rice mill plant in Bangladesh, you can start with buying the affordable machines that are the essential ones. When your auto rice mill grows, buy some advanced machines and upgrade the existing ones.



Remember, you must determine the costs for each section of your rice mill business. You can’t invest all your money only in rice mill machines as there are other costs like buying the land, cost of raw materials, cost of labor, etc.

After-Sale Service

The after-sale service is a vital fact that indicates the service quality of the auto rice mill machinery provider. The supplier of auto rice machinery may get you the required equipment at affordable prices. Still, that particular auto rice machinery supplier lacks service quality if it offers poor after-sale service.

The standard after-sale service should include –

  • Valuable customer support for 365/24/7
  • Provide regular checks on machines
  • Assist clients immediately when they are in some kind of trouble
  • Providing essential technical knowledge to the customers so that they can handle machines on their own

Along with all these, a good auto rice mill machinery supplier should deliver and install machines obeying international standards so that safety is maintained both for the organization and the employees. These are marks of a remarkable auto rice mill machinery supplier.

Ability to Supply Modern Equipment

When you are building an auto rice mill, the ordinary rice-producing machines won’t do much. Ordinary machines would be acceptable when you are going to build an ordinary rice mill plant. We are talking about automation here. And in the current generation, the more advanced you are in production, the more progressive you become.

All these won’t be possible without advanced machinery. Unfortunately, ultra-modern machines aren’t easy to find. Even if you can find one, you may have to pay a lot of money to purchase it.

Especially in a country like Bangladesh, advanced rice mill machines are hard to find. That’s when you need a trusted supplier like CAPTAINS GROUP to get your hands on such machines.

Experience and Innovation 

If the auto rice mill machinery supplier can provide detailed designing and engineering services, it will become much more demanding than its competitors in the market.

Because proper design and engineering result in good yield and therefore, add to the overall revenue. So, it can provide an indispensable experience to its customers.

CAPTAINS GROUP interacts with the clients in such a way that they feel “in safe hands”. We have been able to increase the confidence of our customers through our experience, skills, and sense of involvement with the project, which puts us far ahead of the competition.

Having more than 10 years of experience made CAPTAINS GROUP one of the leading companies for supplying various auto rice mill machinery. We have always offered the maximum benefits to our clients with technological, logical, and commercial solutions that are optimized and suit their requirements.

Final Verdict

At the end of this conversation, we strongly recommend considering the above facts for choosing an auto rice mill machinery supplier for your business. In a country like Bangladesh, initiating an auto rice mill is undoubtedly profitable. You just need to find a reliable machine supplier like CAPTAINS GROUP to set up the whole infrastructure of your auto rice mill plant.

Remember, finding the right auto rice mill machine supplier is the first step in initiating your dream rice mill. If you choose the wrong supplier, then there will be disruption in the very beginning.

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