Best Industrial Shed Infrastructure Design for Bangladesh

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Industrial sheds can be seen over various types of buildings and structures like warehouses, factories, gyms, department stores, hangers, repair shops, etc. A question may arise – what are industrial sheds? Industrial sheds are sloping metal structures that are designed and built for construction based on technical calculations and requirements.

— In this article, CAPTAINS GROUP will break down their workflow of industrial shed design and manufacturing. So, stay tuned. 

How CAPTAINS GROUP Design and Build Industrial Sheds –

Industrial shed manufacturers like CAPTAINS GROUP use fine raw materials to design and build high-quality industrial sheds in Bangladesh. Before final shed construction, we cut the raw materials in squares and trimmed them into disks. In order to obtain the perfect shape of a shed, the trimmed disks will pass through at high speed and pressure for molding.

The molding process follows a pattern to get a suitable shape for an industrial shed. This is called spin forming or metal spinning. Rollers and brass levers are manually used to apply force for shaping various kinds of industrial sheds (i.e. Coolicon sheds).

The process is kind of similar to turning clay. The person who is responsible for turning clay into various architects is very skilled. The same level of expertise is needed to give industrial sheds the required shape and uniform thickness. 

—  Once we are done with the metal spinning process, we cut the neck of the shed with laser cutting and carefully clean the shed for enameling. The enamel is applied as a liquid suspension  Before getting the final glaze, the base coat shows a consistent color through firing lamp shades. Not only spinning the shades but also other steps is no less than an art.

Here is a brief demonstration of the process of light shed construction and design –

Unlike many industrial shed manufacturers, CAPTAINS GROUP thinks about reducing the industrial shed construction cost while keeping the quality. We are related to factory shed drawing, small godown design, car parking shed for home, and provide solutions for low-cost prefabricated houses all over Bangladesh.

What are the Important Factors and Components for Designing Industrial Sheds?

Usually, there are many components for industrial shed design. These are – 

  • Purlin (C and Z profile)
  • Sag rod (anchor rod)
  • Column
  • Strut
  • Wind brace
  • Canopy
  • Angle purlin connection
  • Wall post-column

There are many important factors involved in the construction and design of industrial sheds such as – 

  • Circular and complex
  • Multi-opening sheds 
  • Polygonal sheds
  • Overhead cranes 
  • Length of the shed 
  • Dynamic load 

How much does it cost to build an industrial shed in Bangladesh?

Ans: The build cost of an industrial shed usually depends on a number of factors. Whether you want a commercial or industrial shed design, you have to make a major investment of time and money. For a quick guide, the following price table shows the industrial shed construction cost for the most common cases – 


Built Type Min Price Max Price
Modular BDT 80/Kg BDT 125/Kg
Modular BDT 35/Square Feet BDT 550/Square Feet
Panel Build BDT 80/Kg BDT 110/Kg
Panel Build BDT 90/Square Feet BDT 1200/Square Feet
Prefabricated BDT 150/Feet BDT 400/Feet
Prefabricated BDT 80/Kg BDT 110/Kg
Prefabricated BDT 40/Square Feet BDT 400/Square Feet

Where are industrial sheds used?

Ans: Industrial sheds are used on top of constructing buildings or architects like prefabricated houses, small godowns, factories, and even car parking houses. Roofing contractors would know more about the use of industrial sheds.

Here are the 5 major uses of industrial sheds – 

  • Workshops or Manufacturing Sheds 
  • Agricultural Sheds 
  • Recreational Sheds
  • Small Aircraft Hangar
  • Retail Sheds 

What is used to make industrial sheds?

Ans: You may have already understood industrial or commercial sheds are nothing like garden sheds. These are more durable and harder than normal garden sheds. That’s why industrial sheds are made of materials like steel, lead, tin, etc.

Final Words

As an industrial shed construction company in Bangladesh, CAPTAINS GROUP has been offering world-class services for manufacturing quality sheds for any kind of industry or building. We follow international standards when it comes to providing the best services for industrial shed design. Before taking services for sheds or roofing, know and research much about the type of shed you need according to your particular industry.

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